April 14, 2021

mxlisp is being depreciated. I'm stopping work on mxLisp because I'm starting to understand its code better now. I can see the evolution of mLisp into mxLisp (David Betz's xscheme-0.28 which evolved into xlisp-3.0) alot clearer now than I did a few years ago.

I don't want to maintain 2 sets of lisp so I'm focusing on mLisp which has a simpler code base. I'll try to move as much of the features in mxLisp into mLisp.

Moreover, since I'm also seeing how nLisp (David Betz's xlisp-0.17 which did not have a bytecode compiler) uses the same basic structures as mLisp, I've been able to understand better now how the bytecode compiler was constructed.

My study of David Betz's lisps has been a very enjoyable hobby lasting a few years now. I think it's been so much fun because I never had any deadlines to finish anything as I might have had with other jobs.