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Source Code

Prism   prism-1.6.tar.gz  (230 kb)  - Rule based logical decisions on dynamic sequences in such applications as text scanning, audio filtering, and visual image identification.

UPS   upsc-0.4b.tar.gz  (546kb) 2022/8/22  - OPS-5 production system written in the C-language.

SM   sm-1.0.tar.gz  (10 kb)  - Aho-Corasick implementation in the C-language.

Lisp Interpreters

Mlisp   mlisp-0.7i.tar.gz   (736 kb)  2023/5/25
Developmental compiler.

Nlisp   nlisp-0.3v.tar.gz   (94 kb)  2023/5/15  - Simple interpreter without a bytecode compiler.

rtLisp    rtlisp-0.6d.tar.gz   (494 kb)  2023/2/15  - "realtime" interpreter for study only

Lisp Application Code

ups   ups-0.1m.tar.gz   (62 kb)  2023/4/13  - OPS-5 production system from Charles Forgy's source code.

ups2c   ups2c-0.1b.tar.gz   (76 kb)  2022/11/20  - Soar rules based production system from Soar-6's source code.